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The City of Horseshoe Bend requires a Business License for any person, firm or corporation that maintains a business within the City of Horseshoe Bend, or engages in any business, profession or occupation of any kind and nature within the city.  Business Licenses expire on the 31st of December each year and required to be renewed by the 1st of January each year.  If the license is not renewed by the 15th of March, a penalty of double the amount of the license fee provided will be assessed.

The Business Licenses Roster is available to the public.  Just contact City Hall to get your copy. There is a charge of .25 per page. Or you can just get the contact info over the phone or through email.


Honorary Police House Watch

The Horseshoe Bend Honorary Police is a volunteer force and they check properties signed up for house watch, provide traffic control or foot patrol for special events, when activated assist sheriff department or fire department with traffic control.  Volunteers decide how many patrol hours they would like to serve each month.  Members are issued a complete police uniform and badge.  Non-mandatory additional duties attend as a group funeral services for past and present officers, and attend quarterly meetings or training sessions.  Call city hall to sign up for house watch for a low fee.



Is a volunteer based program that helps check on the elderly or homebound citizens of our community.  If you would like to receive this daily call each morning or you know someone who would like to be on this list just let us know.  You can call 870-670-5433 and leave a message for Telecare.  This service is free of charge.


Chipper & Leaf Vac Services

The Public Works Department provides a brush chipper and leaf vac service.  Residents may utilize the services of the city’s leaf vacuum and chipper equipment for leaves, tree and limb debris by requesting the service in advance through City Hall.  The fees assessed for this service shall range in price from ten dollars ($10.00) to fifty dollars ($50.00).  All requests for service shall be inspected by the Public Works Manager to determine the fee to be charged.  If the Public Works Manager determines that the job will be larger, such as that work which might be contracted through a commercial tree service, than the fee for the service will be $50.00 per hour. The customer will be advised of an estimated cost and be paid prior to the service being performed.


Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Officer will perform field inspections and enforces municipal code provisions (such as animal regulations, business license, and operations permits) and land use laws pertaining to public welfare, safety, public nuisance, property maintenance and structure design; explains regulations relating to municipal code provisions including zoning, land use, planning, design review, disabled access and related codes to the public; and performs related work as assigned.



The City of Horseshoe Bend is encouraging residents to become involved in the Adopt a Lot Program as part of the cities clean up and beautification efforts.

Horseshoe Bend has thousands of vacant lots throughout the city that require clean-up. A majority of these lots have been turned over to the state for back taxes or the property owner is from out of state. The cost to the city to attempt to have the owner clean it up is prohibitive.  The city has created the Adopt a Lot Program.  Any property owner may adopt a lot and clear the debris and the city will pick up the debris at no cost.

Keeping vacant lots in your neighborhood maintained benefits you, the neighborhood, the city and helps to improve property values attracting new families, keeps the vermin away, helps with the natural flow of rain water, and basically beautifies the community.  Contact your neighbors and arrange a working beautification day to work together to clean up the vacant lot.

  1. Obtain a permit from City Hall at no cost
  2. Logging is not permitted in the Beautification program
  3. Permission must be granted from the property owner if applicable
  4. Clear under brush and leaves
  5. Cut grass and weeds
  6. Clear ditches to allow free flow of water
  7. Permits will be valid for 60 calendar days.  Lots adopted shall be completed within 60 days from the date of the permit.
  8.  Debris should be cut up into 6’ lengths and stacked trunk first perpendicular to the road
  9. Call city hall to obtain a burn permit or schedule a time for the city crew to remove debris that have been placed near the road

Working together to better our community.


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Recurring Services Provided Through The City & County

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